Sing Smarter Sing Longer Course

Kick Start Your Voice!

Self-Paced Companion Online Course

The Sing Smarter Sing Longer Online Vocal Course is a 12 week self paced vocal course that gives you the rock-solid foundation every singer and performer needs.  It builds the voice the correct way so you never have to strain and push for any note you sing.  It is designed to give you full and total control of your voice, freeing up your voice and removing any vocal weight and issues you may have.  Here are some of the things it helps correct plus much more.  

This step by step program will get you singing like a PRO Instantly!


Breathing: You will learn how to breathe properly!

Placement: You will learn the proper placements and techniques to sing any note!

Tone: Your tone will be pleasing to the ear!

Vocal Strain: You will crush vocal strain once and for all!

Vocal Health: You will increase vocal stamina and endurance!

Diction: Your audience will be attentive and engaging!

Fluidity: No more choppiness and no more vocal breaks!

Mentality: You will have the confidence to perform on any stage and in front of millions of people!

Tension: Your tension will melt away and you will become strong!

Range: Your range will increase and broaden on both ends of the spectrum!

Power: You will obtain controlled power that will last!

Pitch: You will learn to have laser focused pitch!

Check it out TODAY and start seeing immediate results!  We stand behind our methods and we know that once you start with the Academy, you will be so glad you did! 


Ready to start? You have nothing to lose. 

Sign-up is easy and parent-friendly, with helpful staff seven days a week to serve you. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material or performance fees, and no semester minimums.

Lessons are first come, first serve, so contact us today to arrange your first lesson! 


$35/30 minutes or $70/60 minutes. 

Lessons are available six days a week and scheduled once a week. A one-time registration fee is $25 (due only at the time of registration).

Call 865-333-6726 or you can email us or Request more info.