Artist Development

Artist Development

The first order of business in Artist Development is the music itself. Good songs are not good enough when you are preparing to market your music. People only respond to what they feel are great songs Your songs must have some commercial appeal, if only to a certain music niche. (Folk, Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, New Age, Jazz, Blues, etc.) Finding that niche, and learning how to manage its growth is essential to becoming a successful act. That’s where your development coach at MMA comes in.

Artist Development is also about protecting the great songs by registering them with the copyright office. Songwriters and music publishing companies need to affiliate with the Performance Rights Associations (ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC) as well, so that if and when those songs are played by the broadcasting industry, or in certain public places, they will receive proper payment for the uses of those songs. This can sometimes be a confusing and frustrating task. Your coach at MMA will walk you through this and other processes to streamline and clarify the necessary steps that need to be taken to get it done right the first time.

One of the most delicate issues involved with Artist Development is the matter of creating and consistently maintaining a clear and honest image. What people hear in your music must be seen in how you dress on-stage, and can help or hurt you when you create promotional materials, and artwork for your CDs etc. Your coach at MMA will help weave a thread of consistency with your chosen image throughout your website, social media and all other aspects of music marketing.

Artist Development as you can see, is a combination of creative and business issues that must be dealt with to make your music, and the business surrounding your music, run smoothly. Let us help you create a clear and straight path forward so that you and your music can saturate the market as soon and as effectively as possible.

As an artist, whether it be a soloist or a band, you need to have a solid business strategy and plan in place to be successful.  This is where our consulting comes into play and helps you launch or revamp your career to make it more viable and successful quickly in this ever changing world of the modern music world.


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