Musical Ladder System

Musical Ladder System

One of the benefits of studying music at Maryville Music Academy is the exclusive use of the Musical Ladder System®. The Musical Ladder is a music teaching system being used by music schools all across the United States and Canada to inspire music students to practice more while enhancing their love for music. Maryville Music Academy is the only school in the city of Maryville, Blount County and surrounding areas that uses this system!

Similar to Karate Belts, every 90 days or so a student will take a test with their music instructor. Upon completing the test they will earn a really cool, colored wristband with the name of the level they passed, a certificate signed by their instructor to commemorate their achievement and a picture with their instructor and reward that will appear on our TV displays, website, newsletters, as well as on the Academy's official Facebook page. At certain levels, they will even receive a trophy, personalized with their name as well as the MMA logo.

The Musical Ladder system® benefits students in a variety of ways. It gives students something to work towards, a goal with tangible rewards. Earning the wristbands and trophies not only gets the students excited, but provides an incentive for them to practice and get better. Each milestone reached is an achievement, instilling in the student a sense of accomplishment and success. 

At Maryville Music Academy, the Musical Ladder System incorporates into our lessons flawlessly. As different milestones approach, the music teacher will let your child know what they should be focusing on, and help them learn it. When your child is enrolled, you gain access to a portal through which you can communicate with their teacher. Once the test is scheduled, you’ll be notified. 

Teachers notice a huge improvement in the quality and frequency of their students' practicing and parents love that their kids WANT to practice in order to earn their next achievement. It's a win-win for everyone!

*If a student withdraws from lessons for any reason, they forfeit their spot and progress on the ladder and have to start over. These are the rules and guidelines that must be followed to keep the music ladder license and franchise.

Give us a call right now at (865) 738-7624 and speak to one of our friendly office managers, or you can send an email to us at to learn about how the Musical Ladder System® can help inspire your music student to even greater achievement.


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